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Peace Dove

I hate the feeling when you think something is moving consistently for months then out of nowhere your left with your heart falling out of your chest because without warning, people change. The crazy thing is no warning it just happened leaving me in a weird state of confusion. Ill never love somebody like I loved this woman. The only one who made me want to be committed to only one. I lived my whole life being consistent while watching the people around me be inconsistent and going in directions not planned. That’s why they say only the Real make it to the top, because they stick to the script. They don’t flip flop, or else they drop from the top spot. God I know this is a test, I still believe she will be here by my side as planned and not leave me again because after all the plans WE made, I don’t deserve this. Especially when the first half of day it’s happy as ever just like its always been then late afternoon it takes an unpredictable and inconsistent turn. I Love You Salam, I know you wouldn’t do me like that because Lord know I wouldn’t. I’ve done nothing but help you become who you were meant to be. That’s what your other half is suppose to help you do, find meaning in life. Things in life are straightforward and not confusing anymore even since she came into it, she helped me see the light and my purpose. I wish she felt the same about me so I can get back to feeling what I just said.

Big Sean “RWT” off new mixtape “Detroit”


Richard Saul Wurman, creator of TED, argues that we often use words like “innovate” and “trillion” without understanding what they really mean. In this clip from The Economist’s Ideas Economy event series, Mr Wurman explains why knowing a word’s definition is so important. 

"Made in America" Jay-Z Commercial

Rick Ross “911” off the Album God Forgives I Don’t coming out this Tuesday. 

Never be Powerless

Shady…..Cashis “The Life” New Single (“This is what you wanted?” is Cashis mocking the fact he has to make a song like this just like Eminem had to throughout his career). The labels tend to want Pop records when they release a project. Cashis “The Art Of Dying” drops 9/11/12 on Shady/Interscope.  He’s also from Chicago

"In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do". -Gianni Versace